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Skilled Nursing

  • Disease management

  • Medication management, teaching and administration

  • Illness assessment and instruction

  • Post-surgical management

  • Bathing and personal care assistance

  • Assessments at each visit on your condition and risk for going to the hospital

  • Measure blood pressure, pulse, respirations, lung sounds, blood glucose or pulse oximetry, as ordered by your doctor

Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Learning to safely walk around your home, preventing falls 

  • Completing daily activities 

  • Increasing strength and activity tolerance for better mobility 

  • Creating an individual home exercise program (HEP) 

  • Conserving energy during movements 

  • Using assistive devices

  • Evaluating cognitive abilities 

  • Recommendations for home and leisure modifications


Home Health Aide

  • Getting in and out of bed

  • Walking, stand by and assist

  • Bathing, toileting and dressing

  • Medication Reminders

Social Services

  • Community resource coordination 

  • Assistance with financial aid

  • Crisis intervention

  • Counseling 

  • Education on your condition 

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